West Seattle Spot!

Um...hi.   I can't even beweeve it's been a couple of years since I posted here, but here we are.  HOW YA'LL HOLDING UP??

Death and destruction aside, I "discovered" a new gem in West Seattle that has some nice brunch fair and a good bloody Mary (avec le bacon), called The Spot.  I'm sure everyone but me already knew about it, but again...here we are.

I swear I had more than a drink (at lunch on a work day, no less), but not seen here is a really bombass grilled cheese (with Caprese ingredients) and my friend had one of their famous waffles with jalapenos, bacon, cheddar and avocado.  ERMAHGERD WERFERL!

Anyway, seemed like the perfect spot during the week to meet a friend or two, and they even have seating outside with a heater for fall/winter meetings and pandemic safety, so that's a win in my books!



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