Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pike Street Fish Fry Most Excellent!

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my fish tacos, David's pommes really.

I'd been holding off ever going to Pike Street Fish Fry, only because I usually end up going to a show next door at Neumo's and have already eaten, but man O' man it did not disappoint today at lunch.  My fish tacos were probably the best I've ever had, where I could actually taste the fish, instead of just a mound of toppings covering it to death.  The red cabbage slaw and sauce it is served with was perfect.  Their pommes frites were excellent too, and you can enjoy them with a variety of sauces such as Lemon Aioli, Homemade Tartar, Curry "Ketchup", Smoked Chili Mayo, Harissa (spicy!), or Italian Salsa Verde.  HELL YEA!  I'm so glad I ordered an Orange Crush to go with it all too, it was a most satisfying dining experience, and not expensive at all.

Everyone needs to try it!  GO NOW!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Homemade Root Beer!

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Homemade Root Beer!
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We made our own root beer for gifts this year! Helping the economy by buying things we can be creative with, instead of useless crap! The name of it was of course inspired by our cat, Crooked Tail (aka CT). We used extract for this batch, but maybe some day we'll go to the trouble of making it using all the crazy roots and berries.

Icon Grill for Dessert!

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Often times, I find myself hitting happy hour in Belltown after work, because it's super convenient. I never thought, however, that it's just as easy to hit one place for small bites, and then go somewhere else for dessert. And that's exactly what we did last night with 2 friends we hadn't seen in almost a year! We started at Cellar's on 1st Ave., where I never ate at before. It wasn't too bad in terms of food choices and drinks (my $5 Mojito was pretty good). Darren ordered what he thought was a $2.50 beer, but they charged $3. Not a huge deal, but they should make sure they stick to the menu! The clams that I ordered were okay, but there were at least 4 of them in my small bowl that never opened, and I felt bummed because the wine, garlic and basil sauce it was served in was tasty, yet more bread was needed for sopping. I should also mention there was a good amount of sand still on the clams too. Not good. The flat breads were pretty yummy, as well as the meatball sliders and sauteed Cajun prawns our friends ate. Nothing really seemed that special though, and I felt nothing was really worth going back for.

Then our friends got the brilliant idea of going to the Icon Grill for this MASSIVE sundae they were raving about and drooling over. So we headed out in to the frozen night, and arrived to the toasty restaurant and ordered 2 sundae's between the 4 of us. Boy oh boy, we were not disappointed. The presentation itself was pretty impressive, with the waiter dropping down the biggest scoops of vanilla ice cream inside a waffle bowl, and proceeding to pour a cone filled with hot fudge onto our sundae's, and then sprinkling as many toppings as we wanted all over the whole thing. I almost had to have bypass surgery just looking at the thing! We waded through the colossal sundae like champs though, and by the end of it almost emptying our plates clean. I say "almost" because really folks, I'm not sure it would have been a good idea to eat the ENTIRE thing. But it was fun trying!

I totally recommend heading to the Icon Grill for dessert, and even dinner beforehand if you can handle it!

icon's Hot Fudge Sundaeicon's Hot Fudge Sundae

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Banana Bread Recipe Update

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Hello Fork Users!

I just got done baking that Vegan Banana Bread in a regular 8x4 loaf pan this time, and the baking time was quite a way's off from what the original recipe called for. As it was baking for about 45 minutes , I began to smell it really strongly from the oven, so I decided to just check it to make sure it wasn't burning, stuck a knife in it, and it was done! I'm not sure why the original recipe asked to bake for one hour or more, but I'd definitely recommend baking for about 40 minutes and then checking it. This time I also added a finely chopped up bar of chocolate with ginger! I thought it would add a nice spicy touch to it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Perfect Endings Holiday Cupcakes | Williams-Sonoma

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Perfect Endings Holiday Cupcakes | Williams-Sonoma

I can't even imagine ordering cupcakes through the mail, but here they are! I want to order them, just to see how the heck they do it!

Update: So I totally ordered them! I'll need some help eating them. :)
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