Thursday, June 30, 2011

Food Porn Anyone?

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Double Cherry by Lara604
Double Cherry, a photo by Lara604 on Flickr.
Double cherry! It's so cute! Bought some Washington Rainier cherries from a farmer's cherry stand near our house. They are seriously the best cherries you will ever have, sweet and succulent as they pop in your mouth! You just can't compare them to the ones you find in the supermarket.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food shopping like the good ol' days!

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Found this amazing story on a food market that will soon open in Austin, Texas where you will have to bring your own bags or containers to be able to cart away everything you buy. And I mean EVERYTHING! Sort of like the good ol' days, when you brought your own sacks, crates or whatever means you had to haul away your produce, meat, and household wares. In a way it reminds me of the farmer's market but taken to the next level and is pretty amazing, considering a lot of us wander into a grocery store unplanned and may not have any such carrying items on us at the time. Already I have a fold up bag in my purse for such occasions, but this would certainly be more difficult if I needed spices, coffee, dairy, etc. It would definitely make shopping a more planned trip, but I could see this being quite enjoyable knowing I won't have to worry about the waste created by packaging later. GO AUSTIN!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hilarious Film "The Trip" a must see!

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Oh man this film looks good, with English comedians and actors Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon spoofing versions of themselves!

Check your local listings!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

El Bulli: The Final Evening

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Here's a lovely thorough article on the "last supper" that world renowned chef Ferran Adrià served to say farewell to his El Bulli restaurant in Catalonia, Spain consisting of 50 immaculate dishes.

More on El Bulli can be read on Wikipedia!

His future plans?  To open up again in 2014 but as an organization dedicated to innovation in food.

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Tasty Spot in Greenwood!

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Grilled Fish Veracruz by Lara604

Veggie Torta at the new Yard on Greenwood Ave.
I think I'll have to go here a few times before I write a more in depth review, but my first visit to The Yard Cafe in Greenwood was great!   I loved the feel of the "yard" outside, although the inside is a bit cramped...wonder how that's going to fare with most of the year being crappy outside in Seattle and people piled inside. But the beer selection was stellar and our food was filling and tasty! I had the Grilled Fish Veracruz, which was basically grilled fish on top of rice and spiced veggies. The rice was unfortunately underdone, but the south-of-the-border flavors were really good so I didn't bother re-ordering. Their accompanying pickled veggies were a nice touch, ZING! I love picked stuffs! My husband had the veggie and bean Torta, which he said was super filling and yummy...he even ate the mushrooms even though he normally hates them! The Torta bread was so good that I ended up finishing it for him because he was too full.  Amateur, right?  *wink

I highly recommend this place for some good grub with groups large or small!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Macrina Cafe Salad

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Macrina Cafe Salad by Lara604
Macrina Cafe Salad

Macrina Cafe Salad, a photo by Lara604 on Flickr.
Another ridiculously gorgeous and delicious salad at Macrina Bakery in Belltown I had a few weeks ago. Just thought I'd share some food porn. :)

Made lovingly with pancetta, roasted beets, roasted pears, green olives, organic field greens and toasted pecans in a gorgonzola vinaigrette. Served with their Sardinian Flatbread.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Funny Website: My Drunk Kitchen!

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I can't believe I didn't discover this sooner, but it's pretty funny and food related!  Well, in a roundabout way. ;)

Here is an episode to get you the drunkenness unfold before your very eyes, and learn some great tips in cooking! Hehe.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A Taste of Iceland!

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Made a great new find at PCC the other day in the quest to start consuming more low sugar/high protein snack items during my day.  I can be pretty hypoglycemic and really need to substitute my sweet tooth treats with a better alternative.

Siggi's is Icelandic yogurt!  Not as "wet" as regular or Greek yogurt but incredibly thick. Some people might not like the dryness of texture, but it's still smooth and yummy!  With only 9g of sugar, no fat, no cholesterol, 14g of protein and sweetened with agave too, I am definitely going to include this in my weekly "eating better food" plan.  I've had vanilla and blueberry so far and they were delicious!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love Quorn!

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Mock McChicken lunch!

I just wanted to share a brand of vegetarian fake chicken patty that I love to make mock McChicken's with!  Quorn is a really great product that "contains 50% LESS FAT than chicken patties, is meatless, soy-free and a good source of protein."  Not only can you find it mainly at natural food markets, but now I seem to find it at QFC and Safeway too!

Of course, once you smother it in tartar sauce, maybe it's less healthy but hey, when you live with a vegetarian husband you learn about all sorts of new veggie-friendly quick meal items!
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