Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Satisfying Burger!

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It's from The Counter: Custom Built Burgers in Ballard, WA.  I went there for lunch with workmates eons ago now, but forgot to post about it.  I don't normally go out for burgers, but one thing that enticed me was that you can order your burger on a salad instead - blasphemy, I know!  But I would be a complete zombie back at work if I had this ginormous thing with a bun and all the fixings.  I even shared with a co-worker, that's how big it is.  You go ahead and indulge though, because you can order these things however you want, hence the term "custom built."  The restaurant was very open and airy, sort of resembling a cafeteria, and then you turn around and there's a full bar in case you're in the mood for something stronger than a milkshake.  Oh speaking of their milkshakes, they are ridiculously good. I shared a snickerdoodle milkshake...SNICKERDOODLE!  *droooool.   This place is good for families, groups, going on dates, whatever you fancy.  Here's some more burger food porn.


UPDATE: COUNTER BURGER IN WASHINGTON IS NOW CLOSED!  Surprising news, because their product is so good.  Perhaps though the location didn't have enough foot traffic or the right clientele?  I'm not sure, but it's really a shame.
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