Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

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Haven't been much on the ol' food blog lately (heck, for the last year!).  Basically I decided to focus on my photography and had a bunch of photoshoots last year that put my "Foodie-ism" and DJ'ing on hold, as hobbies. Right now it's been pretty much exclusively family and baby photography, and let me tell you, it's been loads of fun! When things started to get really busy, I knew I had to create a website with my best photos so that I could explore how far I could take here's the new site!

Of course I have my regular Flickr account, where virtually ALL my photos rest, but I really had to narrow things down so I could have somewhere for people to go and see my photography without wading through 30K+ photos of my best and worst!

So that being said, I have one little lunch gem I found in Ballard, and one in Greenwood I thought I would tell you about.  The former is called Garden Sushi, and it's a food truck with a little wooden shed attached.  Cutest little "Food Truk" as the sign says on the corner of Barnes & 17th Ave NW.  Apparently it was Seattle's very first sushi food vehicle. I've seen it many times, but never felt brave enough to try sushi in this fashion until I went to another one last year which was also great, in Greenwood called Box Nature Sushi. While Box Nature serves mostly rolls, soup and salad, Garden Sushi serves full on Nigiri, seasonal fish and rolls, as well as the sides.  I preferred the miso soup at Box Nature, but both served really delicious rolls.  The Kampyo roll at Garden Sushi was superb!  I was enjoying it so much that I missed taking pictures of what I had there, doh! Both places serve vegetarian options and can do your party catering!  I was really surprised at how fresh both of these trucks were, and how seriously the chef/owner's of each spot takes their craft...well done sirs!  I will definitely be back to I have to "steal" some photos from Garden Sushi's site. :)
Garden Sushi Seattle
Garden Sushi Seattle
Photos Above By: kenn

Box Nature SushiBox Nature SushiBox Nature Sushi
Photos Above By: Lara Schneider

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