Monday, August 15, 2011

Changing Tides...

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Hello Friends and Food Lovers!

I wanted to post today to simply thank you for reading and commenting on my blog over the years , as we shared many recipes, laughs and experiences together.  I couldn't appreciate it more.  During the last while, a lot of thought has been going into what my passions are and the motivation behind them.  While I have enjoyed sharing all my dining experiences and recipes with you, I have recently realized that I need to focus on other things that fill my soul and allow me to experience life to the fullest.

My goal with this site, was to share all the wonderful places I eat at and photograph the yummy food while letting you know of great places to dine. Not to mention a few recipes here and there that I couldn't resist trying out.  And I do plan on continuing that but with less frequency.

I hope you continue to look up favorite recipes on The Wandering Fork and places to dine around the Northwest and beyond, and I will share a few journey's of my own once in awhile when I feel inspired.

Thank you for the encouragement and food love!




David Stevenson said...

We'll miss you Lara!!!

BenY said...

I'm hoping your next venture will be the Wandering Knife, a blog about trying to break into the assassination industry. I just hope it's not the last thing I'll see.

Lara said...

Hahah! You are so funny Ben! I won't be completely gone guys! Just more selective with what I post. :)

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