Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Busy Bright Summer!

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Hello Folks!

Wow what a summer it's been so far, full of weddings, dj gigs, trying out new restaurants, traveling around the Northwest, festivals, and home projects! It's been hard to have any time to just sit down and collect my thoughts. One particular restaurant that stands out is the Golden Beetle in Ballard...probably the best Mediterranean food I have had since I moved to the U.S. from Vancouver, B.C.. I didn't take pictures though, as it was my anniversary and I wanted to keep my camera away from intruding on our dinner. However the next time I'm there (probably happy hour!) I will definitely snap a few shots. There was so much flavor packed in every bite, it was obvious how much time and attention they paid to each dish. Preserved lemon for the win, too! I've always wondered how they get so much lemon tastiness into the food.

Anyway, I hope to post more recipes soon. I'm still trying to make a yummy flan, so if you have a good recipe out there let me know! The last 2 I tried did not turn out (tasted okay but mostly burnt sugar and egg) and I'm not sure if it's the ingredients, too much mixture in my pan, or an over-heated oven...guess I'll find out. Maybe Alton Brown has something to say about the perfect flan (aka Crème caramel). Ooh ooh, maybe it really needs to be put in a water bath...okay yea. <--- witness my inside voice.

Summer markets are in full swing, and I had the most amazing farm picked strawberries the other week that I'll have to grab again this week. I hope everyone is getting out there and enjoying some time off, or even if not that, at least the sunshine when it pokes it's head out. I personally think we've had a great summer in Seattle despite the few days here and there with rain. I haven't had to wear a jacket for weeks!

Ta Ta Everyone!

wet pile of berries

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