Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year! Have some old soup!

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Hope everyone had a safe and peaceful holiday.  I'm pretty glad they're over actually, and more than happy to get 2011 rolling.

Here's a funny story about a culinary find I would not want to take a whiff of:

2,400 year old soup anyone?

So speaking of 2011, I really hope to write in this blog a little more.  This year is all about finding my creative art outlet outside of work (I'm a Photoshop Games Artist for Big Fish Games), learning new cooking techniques, and honing my photography skills. Recently a wonderful opportunity came up to build my own small art studio space which will hopefully be the inspiring and useful space for creation that I have been yearning for, for many years.  Lots of self growth this year!  It must happen, it must!

Cheers everyone and best wishes for a fruitful new year!


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