Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Awesome Gluten & Wheat Free Cookie!

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Found these delectable treats at PCC natural food market last week. Warning: You might want to eat the whole dang box. I made myself two cups of tea just so I could have an excuse to eat more of them. Seven to be exact.

macro ginger molasses cookie


You can even buy them on Amazon!
5 out of 5 stars, NOW YOU KNOW THEY'RE THE BEST!

And WOW, they are local! Made in Kent, Washington. Too cool...

I bake vegan and gluten free goods myself sometimes, and there is a misconception that you have to sacrifice texture and flavor in order to make them. But it's just not true and more and more people are starting to realize that not only do these goods taste better than the "regular" kind, but time after time in baking contests the vegan/gluten free treats are beating the competition hands down. I'm not saying to stop cooking with butter or eggs, because of course those are most always delicious! Just know that there are awesome products out there for those watching their health or who have major allergies.

Damn, I wish I brought them to work...

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