Monday, November 16, 2009

That is one Giant Cupcake!

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I made this HUGE cupcake using the Wilton Giant Cupcake Pan, that a friend sent me, last Friday for a birthday cake! It was vegan Red Velvet with "Cream Cheese" frosting, and I put dark chocolate ganache in between the layers and around the bottom. Unfortunately, I used far too much batter and cooked it at too high a heat, so the outside was crispy and overdone. However I kept getting compliments from people that they liked that! Go figure. Anyway, next time (tonight) I will put in less batter and be able to write more about how I made it and all the details. I think the secret is definitely to cook each side separately, or at the same time at a low temperature for a longer period (maybe 325 degrees for 45-55min). I'll let you know how it goes!

two halves of giant cupcake!
my even bigger piehole with a giant cupcake


Russell said...

That looks so amazing, funny and fun, good job Lara!

Lara said...

Thanks Russell!

bambitowne said...

NO.NO.NO. You have to screw off the bottom of the cupcake and eat it like an ice cream sandwich. Lol.

Lara said...

Haha! Good point bambitowne!

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