Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flying Fish for Happy Hour!

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I'm a little late in posting this review, as I've been swamped with work and extra projects lately. But a couple of weeks ago, the girls and I went to happy hour at the Flying Fish which is located right in the heart of Belltown, Seattle, at 2234 1st Ave.

I was pretty excited to attend their happy hour, as their dinner menu lists some pretty fancy prices and my impression has always been that their food was going to be just stellar.

They have a full happy hour menu. Just $6 for all of the appetizers....pretty great deal. There is grilled bread salad, Salmon cake, Crispy Bigeye Tuna, Sautéed gulf shrimp, Thai Crab Cake, Calamari, Razor Clams, Field green salad and more!
4:00-6:00 every day.

We ended up ordering (going clock-wise from the upper left) the Salmon Cake, Steamed Manila Clams, Cherry Pie baked in a skillet, Banana Split Platter, Raspberry Tart, Thai Crab Cake, and Calamari (which is not seen, because the photo didn't turn out). Everything was really good, the sauces were tasty and interesting, my favorite being the Thai Crab Cake and Clams. The fish tasted really fresh; a good sign. I think the only thing that I didn't eat a whole lot of were the Calamari, which were a little heavy on the breading. But some people might like that. They certainly did have a nice spicy bite to them!

I accompanied my meal with a Pimm's and Gingerale, and the girls had some dirty martinis, which were not on the happy hour menu, so that was more expensive.

I would totally recommend this place on a sunny day, where you can sit outside with a cold beverage and dine on some fresh flavorful fare. A bit on the spendy side if you stray from the happy hour menu, it was still a great time!

Flying Fish Restaurant

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