Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Top 10 Veggie Places in Seattle!

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Just happened to be reading Seattle Weekly's online blog about the top 10 vegetarian/vegan places in Seattle and ran across one of my photos being used:

Pretty awesome!  I've had people use my photos before, especially if I have them listed under Creative Commons on Flickr.com so it's always interesting to see where they end up.  Glad the photo was from Carmelita in Greenwood, it's my favorite vegetarian place in Seattle, for something a little more fancy.  Their Top 10 is pretty spot on, although of course there are a plethora of Indian, Ethiopian, and other ethnic restaurants that serve totally vegetarian and vegan options, my faves being Cedar's, Taste of India, Habesha, and Annapurna Cafe.  Check them out!

Spaghetti squash bonbons

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