Friday, October 5, 2012

Chopstix Sticks!

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A few weeks ago my co-workers and I tried the Chopstix Mobile food truck that parks on Elliott Ave.W and Harrison every Thursday from 11am-2pm, and I was back this week to eat there again!  Super tasty modern Asian fare, reasonably priced and surprisingly not too heavy or greasy with their smaller portions.  And where else are you going to get DUCK for lunch??  I've been having the Peking Duck Tacos (so delicious!) with a side of their Plum Slaw, which I feel had a strange muted tang to it, like there could have had more "plum" flavor or vinegar...not sure why it was kind of off.  But either way, the tacos aren't usually quite enough for a filling lunch, so I order a side.  The duck seems to be done with really simple spices which I like accompanied by a sweet tangy hoisin-like "Chinese BBQ Sauce".  The green onions on top actually give it a nice pop of peppery taste at the end.  My friend had their Nori Fries and THAT was such a treat, wow!  Never had anything like that before, as it had a light sweetness along with the slight taste of the salty sea from the little nori bits sprinkled throughout.  They don't have everything on the menu that you see on their website, focusing on a handful each time, but I hope to see more variety in the future because this is definitely something to look forward to every week.

Chopstix food truck
Asian Pull Pork Sandwich
Peking Duck Taco

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