Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oliver's Twist a perfect tradition!

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I was thinking the other day with all the restaurants and "hot spots" opening up around Seattle, it's good to know that I can count on certain places in my own hood if I just want somewhere reliable and fun to get my foodie on .  Oliver's Twist on Phinney Ave. is definitely one of those places.  I think I might go here at least every couple of months, if not every month, with my hubby, new friends or old, and it's always SO FRIGGEN GOOD!  Their menu generally stays the same, with a few exceptions as the season changes and lately there are some new tasty additions!  Check out their current menu.  I must say, the octopus intrigued me because it's something you don't see very often, except maybe the standard fried calamari you see everywhere. And certainly you gotta cook it JUST right. Let me tell ya, it was pretty durn good and not rubbery at all.  A little funny smelling, maybe, as my vegetarian husband put it oh-so delicately, but it was very tasty. The preserved lemon made it for me. I checked online and you can make those lemons yourself really easily in a mason jar to add to many delicious recipes, taking them to another level with it's depth of pungent flavor that you just can't get with simply zested lemon or it's juice.  I guess there are really classic recipes out there, and then ones that add a few middle eastern spices.

Now listen,  the photos I will post below of the octopus with either make you drool or turn away frightened, but either way if you try it or not you should totally go to Oliver's Twist for happy hour or a small bites dinner. Just going for their truffle popcorn and a drink alone, is well worth the visit. Oh man I could go for a Miss Nancy right now...

Carmelita Vegetarian Restaurant
Garlic Truffled Popcorn! The Best!
Baby Octopus
Raspberry Sorbet

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