Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carmelita Gets a new Chef!

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Quoted from Carmelita's facebook page: "Hello All! So all good things come to an end...but how lucky we've always been to go forward with the future...what are we talking about? Chef Carlos Caula is leaving Carmelita after 3 plus years. He is moving to Spain to further his culinary adventures and we are so sorry to see him go. However we are SO lucky to have hired Chef Phillip Lehman most recently from The Art of the Table. Chef Phil has been on board working with Chef Carlos and our awesome crew for the past several weeks and already he is doing a fantastic job! We will miss Carlos a ton and will surely send him off tonight with a bang! He is a wonderful person and a talented chef and undoubtedly will find much success in the future. But part of the changing of the guard is looking forward to the new. We have confidence that Chef Phil will delight you with his culinary creations. We're also so blessed to have Sous Chef Jonathan Fussel, and the support of our amazing staff of cooks, Aaron, Tim, Adalberto (the pasta master) and Neftali & Jose. Carmelita flourishes as always, and as always we send off our superstars with hopes for the best of everything! Good Luck Carlos! Welcome Phil!"

 One of my most favorite, if not my #1 favorite, vegetarian restaurant in Seattle! best gnocchi

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