Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lunch at Serendipity Cafe, Magnolia!

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mac and cheese
French Onion Soup, salad and mac n' cheese

Had to run some errands during lunch in Magnolia the other day and was trying to find out online where a good place for lunch might be, and decided to try the Serendipity Cafe at 3222 W. McGraw St.  So really I can only base this review on this one visit, but it was quite delicious and simple which is exactly what we wanted.  I had the French Onion soup and my co-worker David had the mac n' cheese.  The former had some nice hearty whole grain bread on top with melted cheese, a refreshing change from the traditional white french bread.  I felt it was more like a meal that way, and added to the already flavorful soup.  The mac n' cheese had some really nice sharp cheeses that gave it a real zing!  Although the sauce was a bit runny, it was still quite good. I would definitely order that again.  The staff was really nice, the prices reasonable, and the food good so we're definitely going back! 

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