Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hurrah for Stuffed Cakes!

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HEY CUPCAKE LOVERS!  Just wanted to let you know I had one of the most delicious cupcakes the other day from a place called Stuffed Cakes in West Seattle. A co-worker's wife (thank you Erin!) gave them to him to bring to work, it was so thoughtful of her. Checking out their website's "Menu" link, I can see they have quite an extensive array of flavors including their signature "stuffed" varieties.  My cupcake was part of their "Boozy" line, called the White Russian.  I love that someone made this cupcake because it's such a stellar idea! It's White Russian cake with vodka and Kahlua with a throw-back-your-head-in-heaven Kahlua buttercream.  And I'll tell you why I absolutely loved this cupcake more than most these days: because the frosting was sweet, creamy and the scent of a White Russian was what I was tasting.  I'm loving less those ones that just taste like they spread a whipped nob of butter on my cake, even sort of flavorless, I mean just close your eyes and you might notice it next time.  I enjoy it more when the cake is not too sweet, so the more sugary frosting balances the whole thing.  Not that I'm going to refuse any cupcake that's given to me, or not try one from a new place.  But Stuffed Cakes gets my vote for one of my favorites in Seattle now.  If you do a quick search for "cupcake wars" in my blog, you'll find I talk about many of the cupcake places in our city that I love and the ones that fall short of impressing me.  So next time you get over to West Seattle, head a bit south on 35th to 9003 35th Ave SW and stuff yourself!

White Russian cupcake


MichelleM said...

oooh! So pretty! *blush* I don't know what a White Russian tastes like, but I'm sure it is super yummy!

Lara Schneider said...

It's milky, creamy and sort of vanilla-like...much like a creamy light coffee perhaps too.

Thyme (Sarah) said...

Oh yes! Long live the cupcake! Going into my Seattle file.

Lara Schneider said...

There are so many places now in Seattle doing cupcakes. Must try them all! :)

dameDonna said...

Thank you for such a glowing review. I am the owner of Stuffed Cakes and stumbled across your blog post today. I love hearing about our customers that love our cakes and cupcakes as much as I do! Please say, "Hi!" when you make it in the shop.

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