Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bizzarro Italian Cafe always a winner!

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Elk pasta

I totally forgot to post this past Valentine's Day, of our meal at Bizzarro Italian Cafe!  This has been one of our favorite places to go for special occasions, but it's popularity makes it a crowded place to go so get there as close to 5pm as you can!  They don't take reservations.

I had the elk pasta, as seen above, and it was one of the most homiest, comforting meals I had in a long time.  Really earthy, with a slight gaminess from the tender ground elk, but rounded out nicely from the pork shoulder it was lovingly cooked with.  I couldn't really resist the fact that it also had delicious homemade pappardelle pasta, one of my faves! My vegetarian husband was able to get some tasty creamy gnocchi which I forgot to photograph, but he attests that it was extremely good!

Bizzarro is also known for it's eclectic array of furniture, oddities and decorations, as well as their "frank and friendly" hosts, sarcastically posting on a chalkboard, "Nobody is fine with water"!  Haha!  Luckily their wine selection is divine, which I happily drink as my hubby partakes in a refreshing Italian beer.

On that note, I'm going to post more photos from previous visits, so you get an idea of just how much this place rocks when it comes to satisfying yummy food and the fun overall experience.  Enjoy!

Bizzarro ceiling
The Pig in all it's glory
Margarita pasta
Not even close
my Red Snapper
TIRAMISUSpring Pesto PastaThe silly table


Janet said...

I thought I'd be okay reading your blog right after lunch. But man, I'm hungry again!

Thyme (Sarah) said...

What a fun restaurant! I have NEVER heard of elk meat before so this was really interesting. I wonder if I would like it. Love the decor/theme of this restaurant

Lara said...

It's really close to beef, but when you taste it, you know it's just different...deeper flavor in my opinion, and a tad richer. If you like good beef/pork, you will like elk!

MichelleM said...

Wow! Looks amazing and I am so hungry now. :)

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