Thursday, January 5, 2012

Final Days of Greenwood Market

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Time to say farewell to the neighborhood's Greenwood Market on 85th. We knew this was going to happen because their neighbor Fred Meyer is scheduled to expand, but it's a shame there seems to be no hint at re-opening somewhere else in the future.  Full story here:

As it was, I had been frequenting this special market more often because of their fresh organic produce section and reasonable prices.  Not to mention they carry super rare beers, sours being one of them which are the only I like, so I'll just have to buy their entire stock until they close around February 4, 2012.

Go on in if you can while they're still there and spread the word!

The Greenwood Market at 8500 Third Ave. N.W. in Seattle. Photo:


Lucie said...

Great blog you have here - so glad I stopped by :) x

Lara said...

Thanks Lucie! I'll check yours out too!

Sarah (Snippets of Thyme) said...

What a great new blog redesign! It seems so many bloggers made changes in the last several months.

Lara said...

Oh thanks Sarah! It was just something small, but I wanted to brighten it up! :) Happy new year!

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