Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bang Bang is Bangin'!

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I apologize for bad puns as titles in my posts, but Bang Bang Cafe on Western really does make me wanna yell "Yippeeeeee! A new lunch spot!"

For the record, everything I've eaten here so far has been right on in flavor, serving size, and price.  From the soup, to the breakfast burritos, to the sandwiches (vegan ones too, get your V.B.L.A.T. on!) and of course the infamous vegan mac n' cheese.  DAMN THAT WAS GOOD.  It was the "chipotle" mac n' cheese special this week!  And the scones are perfectly flaky, too!  None of that spongy crap you normally find around town. And can I tell you that their coffee is DELICIOUS from Lighthouse Roasters, great deep flavor without having that burnt flavor.  The staff is super friendly, with the cafe having nice natural light streaming through the windows, and a warm faux-log fireplace perfect for this cold weather.  I don't think I could ask for anything more! Lunch for less than $8 (including tip!) in downtown Seattle?!  HECK YEA.

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Paris Pastry said...

OHMYGOSH! I'm drooling! I can't decide whether I would wolf down the mac & cheese or the sandwich first... Hmmm, probably eat them at the same time! Great picture!

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