Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Back!

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Seems like it's been forever since I wrote or posted about food! But we're back from New Zealand, which was truly the greatest vacation we have ever been on in our lives. If you ever have a chance to go, you will come back feeling like you have touched the very heart of the planet. We took a ton of photos and yes, a lot were of food! I thought I would just post my favorites here (including some funny snacks!).

I guess I should also say HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope 2012 is filled with more recipe sharing and good eating.  Click on each photo to see them larger!

Lamb pot pie at Speight's Brewery in Christchurch - Quite nice; potatoes tasted funny though; salad lovely.
Added Bonus: Hubby's favorite US hockey team on the tube.

Naan bread with 2 chutneys and raita at 
located in the Catlins Coastal Conservation Park! Delish!

Best seafood chowder I think I've ever had at The Whistling Frog Cafe.
Everything from mussels, to white fish, to shrimp, in a rich creamy broth.
Darren's savory thyme pancakes! Quite lovely.

Farm fresh eggs from the Glacial Rock B&B Farmstay!

Lovely roasted garlic and herb butter with bread at Redcliff Restaurant and Bar
in Te Anau.

Darren's vegetarian couscous stuffed eggplant and salad.

My fresh daily fish special!  I couldn't tell you what kind though, just that
it was the best fish I had in New Zealand!

Dessert! I believe it was a passionfruit panna cotta. Mmm! 

I didn't eat these, but it made me smile.

A bit too weird tasting, sorta smokey salty flavored.

Simple toasted bagel for breakfast with preserves and cream cheese!

Savory muffin from Vudu Cafe, cheesy goodness with jalapenos!

Pastry and various goodies at Vudu Cafe, Queenstown.

Super rich and tasty french onion soup at

Green Pea risotto at Botswana Butchery, loved all the veggies and fried potato ring on top!

Beet Salad at Botswana Butchery.

Coffee at Vudu Cafe!

Buttermilk pancakes at Vudu Cafe, Queenstown.

Brioche french toast with bacon and caramelized banana! I had this one. 

Pork and veggie dumplings, shredded potatoes and greens at 
Barilla Dumplings in Auckland.

Totally forgot what the pub was called, but this is essentially just some hash browns,
eggs and veggies.

Overdressed prawn salad, but tasty.

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