Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Mexican food in Seattle??

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Yes!  You CAN find good Mexican food in Seattle.  We went to a super delicious food truck called El Camión just up Aurora Ave. next to Home Depot.  Kind of an obscure location, their fare was probably the most authentic Mexican food I've ever had in the greater Seattle area.  The menu is really diverse with special meats you wouldn't normally find on a regular food truck like tongue and tripe.  I tried the beef cheek taco; tender and packed with flavor (with a fresh squeeze of lime on top of course!) I probably should have ordered two, it was so good.  I also had their shrimp ceviche, and although not native to Mexico, had it's own thick and saucy style with bay shrimp marinated in chopped red onion, chile, cilantro, tomato, avocado and lemon and lime juices. And of course we washed it down with one of my favorite real sodas, Mandarin Orange Jarritos! Unfortunately I didn't get any "food-porn" shots, because I was too busy ravenously eating  and mooching off everyone else's plate of burritos the size of your head and the tastiest tamales ever!

Don't miss it! (I would suggest telling the family you need to "pick up a new drill.")


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