Friday, June 3, 2011

A Taste of Iceland!

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Made a great new find at PCC the other day in the quest to start consuming more low sugar/high protein snack items during my day.  I can be pretty hypoglycemic and really need to substitute my sweet tooth treats with a better alternative.

Siggi's is Icelandic yogurt!  Not as "wet" as regular or Greek yogurt but incredibly thick. Some people might not like the dryness of texture, but it's still smooth and yummy!  With only 9g of sugar, no fat, no cholesterol, 14g of protein and sweetened with agave too, I am definitely going to include this in my weekly "eating better food" plan.  I've had vanilla and blueberry so far and they were delicious!



Steve's Camera-As-Blog said...

A dry cheese?! Oh my! I am really growing to like Greek yogurt. Maybe the Icelandic incarnation will make it to my grocer soon. I find that high-protein food keeps me going longer, so the double wallop of protein in Greek yogurt keeps me going until dinner.

Lara said...

Yes exactly! That protein tells your body that you're full! :) I love Greek yogurt. This one I think might not be for everyone because of the texture, but it seems so healthy!

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