Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love Quorn!

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Mock McChicken lunch!

I just wanted to share a brand of vegetarian fake chicken patty that I love to make mock McChicken's with!  Quorn is a really great product that "contains 50% LESS FAT than chicken patties, is meatless, soy-free and a good source of protein."  Not only can you find it mainly at natural food markets, but now I seem to find it at QFC and Safeway too!

Of course, once you smother it in tartar sauce, maybe it's less healthy but hey, when you live with a vegetarian husband you learn about all sorts of new veggie-friendly quick meal items!

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Quorn Tube said...

Who would not love Quorn Products? A healthier meat free option that leaves you no guilt.

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