Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food shopping like the good ol' days!

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Found this amazing story on a food market that will soon open in Austin, Texas where you will have to bring your own bags or containers to be able to cart away everything you buy. And I mean EVERYTHING! Sort of like the good ol' days, when you brought your own sacks, crates or whatever means you had to haul away your produce, meat, and household wares. In a way it reminds me of the farmer's market but taken to the next level and is pretty amazing, considering a lot of us wander into a grocery store unplanned and may not have any such carrying items on us at the time. Already I have a fold up bag in my purse for such occasions, but this would certainly be more difficult if I needed spices, coffee, dairy, etc. It would definitely make shopping a more planned trip, but I could see this being quite enjoyable knowing I won't have to worry about the waste created by packaging later. GO AUSTIN!


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