Sunday, March 13, 2011

False Advertising?

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False Advertising

Where are my medallions of chicken with grill marks?!

Seriously, even Kashi or Ethnic Gourmet looks more like what's in the package. And the taste certainly didn't make up for lack of appeal.  I might be compelled to write to these people I was so taken aback at how awful it was.  For the same price, which was about $6.50 (expensive for a frozen dish I'd say!) I could have had a nice soup and sandwich at the deli next door to my work, or even a full meal!  Gah!

I've had to pack my lunches lately to save money for some upcoming vacations, and thought I would buy a couple of frozen entrees to save time.  It usually is "okay", but these Organic Bistro ones were practically inedible.  The beans were wrinkled to oblivion, the chicken was dry, and the rice was completely tasteless.  Okay, it was all pretty tasteless.  Look at how sad those beans are, wishing they could be pushed overboard and taken the dying chicken pieces with them.


kat said...

Ugh. When I ate a lot of these frozen meals for lunch I would find one or two good ones & buy them all the time.

the wandering fork said...

Yes, I think I just need to find ones I really like, and if that means not organic then so be it! We live next to an organic market, so it's easy to eat well here. But some things just don't cut the mustard so to speak!

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