Monday, March 14, 2011

Calling all Foodies!

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The Pig in all it's glory

I was just thinking the other day how I call myself a "foodie" but really I have so much to learn and do before I can even justify that label yet.  So I perused the internet and found this funny column:

Top 50 things that Foodie's should do!

Now, realistically looking at this list, one cannot possibly expect to do them all but I think it would be fun to at least try or do something close!  I think my first order of business is to chop up a whole chicken...yes yes...must do that soon.


Sarah said...

I love it! I doubt if I am a bonafide "foodie" either. I'll have to check the list and see what makes me chuckle.

Lara said...

I had a good guffaw at a few of them, but I figure I can make a few substitutions and still try and make it to Foodie Status. People already call me a Foodie, but I think I definitely need more technical knowledge under my belt!

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