Sunday, February 27, 2011

Poppy goes POP in my mouth!

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Poppy dining room
tandoori quail thali

I'm way behind on posting about Poppy Seattle, but WOW what a great place for some amusingly interesting and delicious food!  I went with four friends and pretty much everything we had from the drinks, to the appetizers, main course and through to dessert, was so yummy!  Playing upon the idea of the Indian "thali" meal with a variety of dishes all on one compartmentalized plate, each item was so unique and incredibly tasty.

I took a couple of photos of the menu, so you can see how the menu varies.  A month ago when we went, we had a slightly different menu as it changes with the seasons which is always really nice.  My quail thali was nicely seared and flavorful and I loved trying all the little bundles of food, especially the pickled pear and fennel which wasn't even the main item!  But all the accompanying side dishes were just divine.  The food although Indian influenced with spices such as cardamom, cumin, and pickled salads seemed to also be fused with some other styles of cooking as well.  The dessert was a melange of sweets with an array of flavor combinations...I'm a dessert FIEND, so they were all good to me.  I'm sorry in this review I'm not really singling out my favorites, because I really loved it all! The only downside was that our main dishes took an extra long time to come out because there was a huge party there that they seemed to serve first, despite us coming and ordering before them.  I was slightly miffed, but my miffyness was quickly forgotten upon my first bite and sip of my tantalizing Artifizz (seen in the last photo).

This is a great place to try something different either for dinner or happy hour, their drinks are phenomenal (more Artisan varieties), and although the prices are on the high side, it's totally worth it for a special night out!


Sarah said...

Oh, I'll have to start following your blog. My daughter studied at Pacific Northwest Ballet school in Seattle. Sincer her time there she now wants to go to college in Seattle! Your restaurant reviews will be fun to follow.

Lara said...

Oh fun! I danced with that company in the Nutcracker a couple of times when they did productions in Vancouver, B.C.!

I definitely eat out quite a bit, so there's lots here, hehe.

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