Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy Valentine's Day Dessert!

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Chocolate dipped strawberry
Originally uploaded by ttstam
This is something ANYONE can do that's always a hit. Just make your favorite ganache or simply melt some chocolate and cream/milk in a double boiler, wash and DRY some strawberries and start dipping!  I made some for work today, and added an extra little flair by lightly sprinkling them with Fleur de Sel (hand-harvested sea salt).

ENJOY! And if you have chocolate left, throw it into some Tupperware to save for whenever you need a chocolate fix. A quick nuke in the microwave and you have instant bliss for your tastebuds.


Amelia PS said...

the simplest things are always the best. the key is the secret ingredient: love!!! oh and good quality Swiss chocolate helps too ;)

Lara said...

Mmm, yes I agree!

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