Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whoopie Pies a big Whoop!

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Originally uploaded by Baking is my Zen LLC
You know it was bound to happen, but the new craze after Cupcakes seem to be the classic Whoopie Pie from the 1920s. You never know how quickly these things will catch on or in what state (because I think the East Coast has been doing this for awhile), but here in Washington they are about to take off.

I think they tried making the gourmet ice cream sandwich the new popular sweet a few years ago in the Northwest, but it never caught on - surprise, we love ice cream but may not want it in the middle of winter!  Certainly handmade ice cream has received much attention and popularity, but I'm not sure it's gained the momentum yet that cupcakes have.

Really, a Whoopie Pie seems like just a different variation of a cupcake where you twist off the bottom of a cupcake and flip it on top making a sandwich-like item.  It's just now with these pies, they're a perfectly round little delicious bundle!  As far as I know you can make it with cookies or with round cake pieces.

If you do a search on Flickr you can find many many whoopie pie creations and I encourage you to do so!

Have fun making Whoopie!


Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

Thanks for sharing my photo!


Lara said...

And thank you!

Paris Pastry said...

After having made them myself, I appreciate them, but I still favor cupcakes. I actually adore the ice cream sandwich ones! Don't understand why they didn't catch on!

Lara said...

Yes, it's interesting. Here in Seattle, since coffee houses are really big, I can't really see anyone buying an ice cream sandwich with their coffee...know what I mean? So having something to just walk into any place and nom, seems to be very important.

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