Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seattle Cupcake Wars

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Cupcake Massacre

Seattle is overflowing with cupcake places.  Seriously, just when you think you have a favorite another one pops up with stranger and stranger combinations of flavors to make you go "what?? I MUST HAVE THAT BECAUSE IT'S SO WEIRD!".

In the beginning there was Shnoo Cupcakes (Part of Shnoo Yogurt), across from Century Square at Westlake Park in Seattle.  I actually didn't think they were that bad (maybe a tad dry) and I loved their sugary icing.  There was also Cupcake Royale.  Not that partial to them, I thought their cupcakes were dry and uninteresting but I still ate them because they were the only ones in town at that point.  Then along came Trophy Cupcakes, a better alternative because they were moist and their brilliantly piped icing topped interesting and sometimes kooky flavored cupcakes.  I suppose being featured on Martha Stewart wasn't too shabby of them either.

But wait, what's this?  HEADLINE: Cupcake Royale Changes Their Recipe.  OMG, THEIR CUPCAKES ARE SO MOIST!  And what a new slogan, "Legalize Frostitution", making you aghast at first glance of the words on their new tshirts, until you realize it doesn't say "prostitution."  Okay, whew.  Yea, their cupcakes are way better than they were before.  Nicely done guys!

And what about 2 of the most well known and delicious bakeries in town:  Dahlia Bakery and Macrina Bakery?  I really have to say they are worst of the lot for cupcakes.  You guys can make a killer crust for a pie, amazing bread and sweet loaves, but good lord your cupcakes are dry and your icing tastes like whipped flavorless butter.  I like my frosting to taste like it did as a child: Sugary goodness and that certain familiar texture of butter whipped with icing sugar. Some people don't like it too sweet, but in these cases the icing does not help their dry cake and they really do just look pretty in the display case.  That is all.

The latest in the running for fast growing cupcake places is The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co. right in the heart of Belltown.  Their flavors are well thought out, choosing to have a more sugary cake and less sugary icing.  See, I like it the other way around:  Flavorful and slightly sweet cake with the icing being more sugary.  So they aren't the highest on my list for favorites, but they do make a darn good moist cupcake and seem to follow the trend of making flavors that fit the season.

I still have yet to try Wink Cupcakes in Queen Anne, so if anyone wants to send me a box that would be A-Okay by me.  I will update this post with new places that pop up as well, or if you have any other recommendations around town.

So even if you're against those cute little cakes that are all the rage, get over it and just stuff yer face with one!  And better yet, watch this video before you do so you get it right!


Baking is my Zen...sweet nibbles for the soul said...

Great video piece. I saw this as well...it is a great idea! :D


Lara said...

Yea, I had to share with all my friends, it was pretty ingenious. :)

Hack Siber said...

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