Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A little bit of France in Seattle!

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1. Chocolate Croissant, 2. Ham & Split Pea soup with Croissant, 3. French Onion Soup and Vegan Salad, 4. Boulangerie Nantaise 

At Boulangerie Nantaise on 4th Ave. in Seattle, you will find one of the best buttery croissants this side of the Atlantic, as well as delicious light lunches and great coffee.  I find myself constantly ordering their French Onion soup (topped with a slice of baguette and grated cheese that melts into the soup) and a side vegan salad.  Then I usually can't resist taking either a Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissant) or butter croissant home.  If you need a fresh loaf of bread for your daily consumption, I would also recommend getting their Country French loaf, which is perfect for your breakfast toast, sandwiches, or simply sliced and topped with whatever you have around the house.  It's the perfect loaf!

You must come EARLY to this bakery though (preferably morning or before 3pm), so you get all these tasty treats at their peak of freshness and availability!

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