Monday, April 20, 2009

Milestone's for Brunch!

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We went to Vancouver, B.C. this past weekend (my hometown) for a dj gig I had, and the following morning ended up going to Milestone's on Robson St. I had such a great breakfast of granola, fresh fruit, yogurt and cinnamon toast!
The "healthy" breakfast @ Milestones
I'm sure most breakfast places would have been super crowded the morning after a Friday night, but they had quite a few tables open. I wasn't expecting much, and thought I would be spending much more moolah than we did. I had the yummiest Caesar drink too! I usually go for Mimosa's but this was equally as refreshing.

My friends had a couple variations of an Eggs Benedict, both really tasty, one including Canadian goat cheese!
Eggs Benedict @ Milestones RestaurantEggs Milestones @ Milestones Restaurant
They had a lot of vegetarian options too, delighting my husband who noshed down the breakfast burrito.

So check out Milestone's! 1145 Robson St.


dan said...

the toast looks amazing

Lara said...

It was! Really great bread to do that with...I think it was from a Ciabatta loaf.

Russell said...

What, no bellinis?!?! Milestones makes a tasty one...

Lara said...

Yes, I was torn between the Bellini's and the Caesar...hehe.

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