Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Macrina Bakery for Lunch!

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I had the most delightful lunch today at Macrina Bakery on 1st Ave. in Belltown, Seattle. With an extended lunch menu, there's lots of variety to choose from, and if you save room some of the best pastries in town!

I had the Verdura Ciabatta Sandwich, which for $10.95, comes with choice of Soup du Jour, Organic Greens or Meze Salad. I had the soup, which was an outstanding beet and carrot soup. It was amazing, the color intensely vibrant, as you can see by the photo. I'd like to try and make it at home. The staff was friendly, and before our main meal, the server gave us some superb Macrina freshly baked bread along side a plate of olive oil infused with thyme, for dipping.

I highly recommend this place for all appetites and food enthusiasts!

Lunch at Macrina Bakery on 1st


Trisha said...

I'm trying to imagine the taste of beet and carrot soup.... sounds yum! - Trisha http://sugarlace.fragiled.net

Lara said...

It was insanely good. :)

themusicmovesme said...

What camera do you use? I love how clear all of your pictures are! I have a 50mm lens, so I would have to stand back a bit in order to take pictures of food on the table.
Sounds yummy!

Lara said...

I have 2 cameras. One is an older Nikon Coolpix S1, which I use to take most of my closeups. It's just a wee device. The other one is a Nikon D80, which is obviously a bigger camera and can take really great pictures. I know that the little S1's macro feature is awesome, and the new Coolpix's don't seem to have as good a macro feature. I need to buy a macro lens for my D80. Thanks for the compliment!

themusicmovesme said...

I use a Nikon D80 as well, I ought to pick up a macro lens one of these days!

Lara said...

And then as soon as we do pick one up, we'll want one even MORE awesome and expensive. hehe. Funny how that works.

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