Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boat Street Kitchen getting slower...and slower.

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I love The Boat Street Kitchen. I love it so much, I go there every payday with my office mates for a little something special. I always expect their food to be delicious (and it was) and the service on the slow side, because they take their time to prepare it really well.

This time, however, was a bit much. We were a table of 4, arrived at 11:30am to an empty restaurant and thought, "Cool, we beat the rush!" But 45 minutes later, we were still staring at our water, and wondering if we should break open the artichoke that was our centerpiece. The food finally came, and we ate it in 8 minutes of course. I even tried to eat slowly, but it didn't happen. My grilled shrimp in saffron broth was divine, but 4 shrimp in some broth wasn't filling at all, and I had to ask for some extra bread.

We finished up, got the check, and hat's when I noticed they had charged me $1.00 for the bread. I couldn't believe it! After all the time we waited, and for as much as we were spending on our pricey lunches, I couldn't even get a complimentary piece of bread.

Maybe it was the new server, and maybe she was just doing things by the book. We usually get our favorite server, who spoils us with little extras like that, but he wasn't working today.

Oh Boat Street, how I lament your shortcomings.

All I am left with, is the sense that I can't go back there unless I have 2 hours to spare for lunch. I really hope they realize that a lunch clientele, cannot spare a couple of hours, and that their service improves.

Here is a photo of my lovely, albeit small, lunch.

Grilled Shrimp in a Saffron broth with fennel


Russell said...

Oh that sucks. But those baguettes from Columbia City Bakery are sooooo good. Wish I lived closer to that bakery!!!


Lara said...

I must say the baguette was nice and hot, so that was a plus. :)

funkisockmunki said...

That's a bummer. I remember having one really good meal there, but they didn't even take our order or bring water for a half hour, and after an hour and 45 minutes we finally had food. Not really a workday lunch place I guess... unless you can bring some work with you to do while you wait. :-)

Lara said...

Haha! Yeaaaaa. Sheesh. They really do have good food, but for lunch I say if they can't make certain dishes in under an hour, then maybe they need to re-think their menu.

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