Friday, November 14, 2008

Broadway Grill Disappoints

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What happened to the Broadway Grill? I have always gone there expecting fresh food and timely service. This time, however, I was sadly disappointed. I ordered a small salad, dressing on the side, and a pasta dish. As I waited, with the clock ticking close to 40 minutes, I could see my little wee salad sitting there at the food station...waiting...waiting. I finally got it, and not only was the dressing not on the side, but it was SMOTHERED in it. Basically inedible. I was so hungry though, I had a few bites, and waited another 10 minutes to receive my entree (keep in mind, it's almost been an hour waiting for food). I expected my pasta to be like it always was there, fresh and hot, and not overdone. It was none of these things. The pasta was so over cooked, smothered in way too much sauce, with shrimp like rubber, and an old piece of bread I almost cracked my tooth on. I felt really bad that I had this experience, because their seafood has always been fresh, and the meals were never sloppily put together. I decided to order dessert, to see if that had changed too. My chocolate bundt cake, ended up being the only redeeming thing during my meal, thank goodness! So at least I know they can warm up a cake, throw some chocolate and ice cream on it and make it look pretty. The only way I would go back, is if I had to for a group function or drinks. Sorry Broadway Grill! You need a makeover.

Broadway Grill (a review)

chocolate bundt cake

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