Friday, November 28, 2008

Blue C Sushi Simple and Quick

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I decided to review Blue C Sushi in Fremont, Seattle, because I didn't want this blog to simply be about the best places I've dined. I want to include not-so-good and middle of the road experiences, because that's really what my Wandering Fork does on a weekly basis.

In this case, I guess it's a "wandering chopstick." But I like going to Blue C sushi when I want something immediately ready, my salmon fresh (there's a high turnover rate with that one), and moderately priced. The conveyor belt of sushi is quite fun to watch, as Anime plays on a huge white wall behind me, and trendy house music is heard in the background. Each plate is color coded, according to price. I snatch up an orange-colored $2.75 plate of Spinach Gomae (blanched spinach with toasted sesame dressing), which always makes me happy to start off with. I just saw my Salmon Nigiri go by, but luckily I see another one coming my way! Another orange plate, so another $2.75. I then grab a more expensive dark blue plate of Seared Tuna, which ends up being a bit too chewy, so I don't eat all of it. See, that's the thing, you never know how long things have been rotating around the belt, so there is this off chance that you might get the older one. I live life on the edge folks. I then finish things off with a vegetarian plate of sesame noodles, trying to decide if I should have grabbed that Potato Katsu that keeps rolling by...nah, I have Thanksgiving pie left at home I should save room for.

I'm actually a really big sushi lover, so the fact that I lower my hoity-toity standards a bit, just to head to Blue C for something quick, might shock my closest friends. But what can I say? When I don't want to drop $50+ at one sitting, this is the place I go. The staff is nice, and when I'm ready for another drink, or want to order from the menu, you just press a blue button in front of you, that lights up another blue light above you and alerts the waiter/waitress, that you would like something else. You also pay your bill like this, pressing the button to get your check.

If you're from Seattle, then you'll know there are a hundred better places you could go to, but at least nothing has ever been "fishy" and I leave pretty satisfied. There's also a nice bar upstairs where they have various interesting cocktails like "Plumartini" (Stoli vodka, plum wine, shaken and served up), lots of sake, beer and wine.

My total came to about $20, and my green tea was a nice way to end the meal.

If you're ever in Fremont, check it out! And then you can go blow $100 at Chiso some other time.

Blue C Sushi in Fremont
Anime playing at Blue C Sushi
Sushi goes by on conveyor belt
price color coded plates at Blue C Sushi


funkisockmunki said...

I really miss the Fremont Blue-C. It was a favorite lunch spot when I worked in the building where Google is now. The staff was always incredibly friendly and cool.

The Blue-C near me in University Village is just not the same. It's always crowded with screaming rich people's kids who touch everything that goes by. Once we saw a kid **licking** each plate cover as it went by on the conveyor, and both the parents and the host saw it and did nothing despite some protests from us and other diners. Gross. The food is on almost on par with the Fremont one, but no amount of awesome food can even begin to make up for the absolute lack of ambiance when you throw a bunch of screaming brats into the mix.

Lara said...

Wow, I can't believe that kid! geez louise! Thanks for the head's up about that one though.

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