Monday, February 11, 2013

314 Pie is Amazing!

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Okay so last week I mentioned there being a food truck "rodeo" near our work with a handful of them posting up in an empty lot with their deliciousness.  I had a hell of a time choosing between these:
Seattle Biscuit Company

The rain had just started to fall and I was without an umbrella, which means the potential of my naturally curly hair rebelling from the confines of my head into Frizz-dome, was going to be a reality if I didn't hurry up and decide.  So wandering from place to place reading their menus, I finally went with 314Pie because it was simple, comfort-sounding, and the line seemed a lot faster.  No wonder, because they had their pies already made and staying heated in their truck!  Not only that, to pay was super easy because they have one of those swipe thingies that attach to an iPad for easy credit card transactions. I got their classic chicken pot pie, which is probably a good test of flavor, although not classically "Australian" which is their main theme.  It was AMAZING.  The stew inside wasn't overwrought with cream, but instead had a thickness and heartiness that made me feel like I was tasting some old grandma's secret recipe!  Definitely not your ordinary pie. I really hope I find them again or I'll have to scout them out specifically on their website. Don't miss out on trying these guys out if you run into them!

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