Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Better Food Review Site!

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Tired of reading endless reviews on Yelp or Urbanspoon that make you more confused than ever about a diner's experience, because they didn't really review the food at all??

I've got a new food review site for you!

You won't have to wade through foggy reviews like, "I gave them one star because the waiter didn't bring me water, but the food was excellent."

For me, I know people are human and waitstaff can have a bad day like anyone else, even if they're "supposed to suck it up and serve me".  So if the food is still rated excellent, I usually go check it out.  More often than not, the service is just fine, and whomever wrote otherwise was probably having a bad day themselves!

Anyway this site is new, so we need to fill it with lots and lots of places we have dined, and we can put our dishes head to head in an all out FOOD BATTLE OF THE AGES!  It's really fun  being able to actually rate dishes based on categories like Appearance, Taste, Flavor, Spiciness, Value, etc.

Bring it on people!  :)

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