Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Brunch Spot!

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Well, new to us!  Went with the in-laws and hubby to a spot for brunch in Madison Park, Seattle, the other weekend.  Italian inspired Cafe Parco!  Reading the Yelp reviews gave a first impression it could be hit or miss, but mostly positive so I definitely wanted to try it out. I wasn't disappointed!  As we waited for our main breakfasts to come out, we all shared a delicious warm cinnamon roll and French Press coffee, which I would definitely go back for if I preferred a "smaller" bite. Our big plates eventually came to the table and were well worth the wait.  I mean just look at that food porn! I probably could have done with just one waffle (note to self for next time!), but it had been while since I had a huge breakfast like this so I got some serious NOM on and man O' man it was so good!  I also happen to love a side of bacon with my pancakes or waffles, which you see in the photo, and ended up having to get a little help finishing this baby off.  My mother in law's "Ham Waffle-wich" was a nice blend of sweet and savory flavors between the apples, cheese and ham, and the portion so ample she was able to leave very full and took the rest home.  Basically we really didn't have any complaints! The waiter was quite nice and I liked the atmosphere of being in an old house and eyeing the plethora of cookbooks along one huge wall.  On the way out we waved thanks and said goodbye to Chef Celinda, whom I gathered was the only one in the kitchen at that time which made me appreciate it all the more, even if I had to wait a little longer to receive food. Such a great find in Madison Park!

Berry Waffles and a side of bacon!
French Toast
Ham Waffle-wich
Formaggio e Pomodoro eggs

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