Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Ramen in Greenwood!

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People have been telling us to go to Aloha Ramen for so long, I'm thrilled we finally went and it's in our neighborhood!  Service was very friendly and although the place is super small inside, we were seated right away because we came early.  Free parking out front too!  Our ramen was very tasty, not too salty, as you can add more salty or spicy tastes from their condiments on the table.  I think that I prefer the taste of the broth ever-so-slightly better at Kushibar in Belltown, Seattle, but these guys are making a pretty darn good bowl of noodle soup. My gyoza was perfectly charred, caramelized on the bottom like it should be, I swear I could have eaten a couple of orders!  The garlic rice was very nicely done too, just the right amount. I might even forgo the soup next time and go for their katsu or curry, as it looked so delectable on the other people's table!  Highly recommended, don't miss this place if you're up on Greenwood at dinnertime!

Shoyu ramen & Kimchi ramen in back

gyoza aka potstickers

tofu char siu garlic fried rice


Janet said...

So glade you tried it. And thank you for the post to remind us going back there soon.

Mary said...

It sounds like a great food spot. I've never seen ramen that I didn't like. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

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