Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another great chocolate chip cookie recipe!

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Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies

This one I got from the back of a Trader Joe's package of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips! I probably ate about 5 cookies worth of batter, but this package made more than the 2 dozen it suggested.  I used a teaspoon to drop the dough on the sheet pan and cooked them for 8.5 minutes at 375 degrees.  We finally got a new oven so the temperature is what I put it to and I am no longer running an excessively hot oven!  It's like heaven I tell ya.

Anyway these cookies were a huge hit at work, on the softer side with a slight crunch from the chocolate chip.  Of course a minute out of the oven they were into my mouth and ooey gooey awesome.  I found the chocolate pretty tasty too!

Chocolate Chip Cookie ingredients
Chocolate Chip Cookie directions

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