Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great Food Magazine!

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One day I was getting some Thai food to go at May in Wallingford, leafing through their magazines while waiting for my order, and came across a really cool food magazine called Plate. I haven't really been moved to actually BUY a subscription to a magazine since obviously you can find anything online these days. However, I was so impressed by the gorgeous photos, interesting stories and simple clean look of the pages that I knew I would really enjoy reading tangible copies of this at home. It's a bi-monthly subscription, so they come every few months, but I find it really allows me to leaf through the whole thing by the time a new copy comes around.  And as an avid food photographer myself, I am instantly drawn to the inspiring photos and the way everything is laid out.  I am positive you will enjoy it too!

Check them out when you get a chance!

Plate Online

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kat said...

hmm, never heard of it

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