Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank you Food Network!

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WARNING:  Spoiler alert if you have been watching "The Next Food Network Star."

I am so ecstatic that Food Network picked a winner this time who has such a vibrant personality and isn't afraid to introduce us to a plethora of spices and color!  Aarti Sequeira reminds me of all the Indian friends I grew up with in Vancouver, B.C., whose kitchens smelled like heaven every time I walked through the door, warm spices wafting throughout the house.  She's got such an infectious giggle, a great smile, and isn't afraid to speak the truth in her point of view and life experiences.   Aarti is like the Indian Ina Garten cooking with ease and comparing ingredients to things we might be familiar with but also teaching us about all the spices that are out there we should be using.  Indian cooking doesn't have to be intimidating, and can be totally fun to make.  Imagine the smells and flavors that can come out of your kitchen...mmm!

Her show Aarti Party will be on every Sunday at noon, so check it out!  I can't wait to try those Creamy Pistachio Pops she made today!

Aarti Sequeria, Aarti Party

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