Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pike Street Fish Fry Most Excellent!

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my fish tacos, David's pommes really.

I'd been holding off ever going to Pike Street Fish Fry, only because I usually end up going to a show next door at Neumo's and have already eaten, but man O' man it did not disappoint today at lunch.  My fish tacos were probably the best I've ever had, where I could actually taste the fish, instead of just a mound of toppings covering it to death.  The red cabbage slaw and sauce it is served with was perfect.  Their pommes frites were excellent too, and you can enjoy them with a variety of sauces such as Lemon Aioli, Homemade Tartar, Curry "Ketchup", Smoked Chili Mayo, Harissa (spicy!), or Italian Salsa Verde.  HELL YEA!  I'm so glad I ordered an Orange Crush to go with it all too, it was a most satisfying dining experience, and not expensive at all.

Everyone needs to try it!  GO NOW!


Anonymous said...

that place is _SO_ exquisite at the end of a long nite dansin, but for dinner its a lot of grease to handle! clay and i ate there on our last anniversary, i loove their slaw and their special sauces!

Russell said...

I still haven't tried that joint but now I am determined! Those battered fish tacos look so damn good!

Lara said...

You gotta do it Russ!

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